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Please note that this page was updated in June 2010.Fewer Pagan student clubs are listed now than in the late 1990s.It is likely that there are still Pagan clubs in Universities and Colleges but there is both somewhat less need for them now (given that Pagans are more accepted in the Chaplaincies), and the clubs' memberhips and names keep changing because of the student population changing.We advise you to Google 'interfaith, multifaith, chaplaincy, Pagan' for the University or College you are attending for more information.

Please feel free to contact us if you are having difficulty getting support from your University/College chaplaincy, or contact the Pagan chaplains listed on our Pagan University Chaplains - Canada, U.S.A., U.K. and Australia page.

On this page:

British Columbia

U.S. multiple links for various states
Other Student Pagan/Alternative Spirituality Groups (U.S.)


Inter-University Yahoo groups for Canadian University and College Pagan students

British Columbia

University of B.C. Pagan Student's yahoo group
University of Victoria
Thorn and Oak and UVic Pagan Club


Inter-University Pagans yahoo group for students in Ontario but open to students from Universities and Colleges elsewhere
Ryerson Univeristy Student groups (includes a pagan circle)
Trent University Pagan Circle
University of Guelph Pagan Society
University of Toronto Pagan Society contact
York University - Keele campus - Gaia Orenda group plus MSN group

McGill University Pagan Association contact
Box# B158, William and Mary Brown Student Services Building, 3600, rue McTavish Street, Suite 1200, Montreal, Quebec, H3A 1Y2
Concordia Concordia University Pagan Society Email:




U.S. and elsewhere multiple links (see U.S., U.K. and Australia as well)

U.S. Pagan Student clubs Note that this site has not been updated, although some email links may be still valid.

Auborn University Alabama - Student Pagan Association

Arizona State University - ASU Pagans and Associates Network

Colorado State University - Pagan Student Alliance

University of Connecticut - Pagan Organization for Diverse Spirituality

The University of West Florida - Green Earth Fellowship
Valencia Community College Florida - Wiccan/Pagan Student Association

KSU - Pagan Student Group (yahoo gropup for Kansas State University, Manhattan; University of Kansas, Lawrence; and Johnson County Community College, Overland Park)
University of Kansas, Lawrence Circle of the White Rose (yahoo group for Young Adult Pagans)

Eastern Illinois University - Society of Metaphysical Advancement
Illinois (Chicago Area College Students) Circle of the White Rose Yahoo group

Purdue University Indiana - Purdue Pagan Academic Network

University of Iowa - S.P.I.R.A.L. group
Iowa State University - ISU Pagan Community

Grinnell College - Pagan Discussion Circle

University of Maine, Orono - Pagan Campus Organization
Colby College, Waterville Maine Collective for Insight, Refuge, and the Celebration of Life Experience (CIRCLE)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Pagan Students' Group
University of Massachusetts at Amherst - Spirals Pagan group
Boston University, Nemeton, Massachusetts - Wiccan Student Alliance
Smith college Massachusetts - Association of Smith Pagans

Michigan State University - Green Spiral Group
Central Michigan University - Open Grove Society
Saginaw Valley State University Michigan - Alpha Delta Morning Star

Carleton College Grove Northfield MN,- Druidry

Cape Grove (South East Missouri State University) - Pagan group

New Jersey
Rutgers University - Pagan Student Association
Atlantic Cape Community College - Wiccans (May's Landing)

New York
Emira College - New York Guild of Alternative Spiritual Paths
New York University - NYU Pagans
SUNY - Pagan Alliance
Stony Brook University - Pagan Organization of Witches and Earth Religions

North Carolina
North Carolina State University - Society for Paganism and Magic

Ohio State University - Pagan Student Association
Oberlin College Ohio Oberlin - Pagan Awareness Network
Ohio State University, Columbus Campus - Pagan Student Associate
Kent State University - The Kent NeoPagan Coalition
Oberlin College Pagan Awareness Network, (OPAN) Email:

Oklahoma State University - Pagan Student Association

Penn State's - Student Pagan Community

Middle Tennessee State University - Pagan group

University of Texas at Austin - Pagan Student Alliance
Sam Houston State University (Huntsville) - Student Pagan Association

Other Student Pagan/Alternative Spirituality Groups (U.S.)

DMOZ Open Directory - Pagan Student organizations



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